Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I know I shouldn't let her get to me, especially when it's stupid shit that I bring on myself, like clicking on her Facebook info and noticing that she "likes" some childish FB thing, but still. I'm allowed to just not like her very much, right? RIGHT?

And I'm sure she feels much the same way about me. Civility or no, I'm sure we both get under each other's skins in special little ways that only an Ex and a Current (and Forever, mind you) can.

There are certain things I just won't do as far as my Ex and his Current (and maybe Forever if she gets her way, You Go Girl!) are concerned, though, and some of them I'm learning from her.

Which is why I'll keep my venting and my own passive aggressive and better-than-you crap over here. Don't you feel special?

Because bitch, he's not your "used toy" and I sure as hell am not "less fortunate" than your sorry ass.

There. All done. Now I'll move on with my life, thankyouverymuch.

1 comment:

  1. It's stuff like this that makes me wonder about N and D. Like, do they just shut up because we all live together or are we really just that civil? I know who bothers N (which is silly) and oddly, the same person always bugged D, but they really don't seem to bother each other. In fact they gang up on me every so often (usually when I'm being stupid) so how am I to know?

    Also? You are way better than her. Nuff said.