Friday, December 17, 2010

Snarky Love

The following conversation took place after I had mentioned something about myself (which I don't quite remember now) and MTL had responded with a bit of surprise.

Me: I know I told you about that before.

MTL: Yeah, but that was like, four years ago or something.

Me: (laughs) So how long, in nonliteral terms, have we been together?

MTL: At least ten years, I'd say.

Me: Well, that does kind of make sense. Sunday is ten months. So that puts us at about a year per month, right?

MTL: Sounds about right.

Me: Boy, that could get confusing when people ask us about it. Just think of what it'll be like when we're in our forties!

MTL: "It's been, what, honey? A couple hundred years?"

Me: "At least a hundred and twenty."

MTL: "Yep. Loooooong time."

Me: "When we said 'forever,' we meant it."

MTL: "Yup. And the bitch just won't die!"

The fact that we then erupted into laughter and ended on a kiss says volumes about why we fit each other like a frickin' two-piece puzzle.

We're crazy like that.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home for Christmas

The other day, as I was driving along listening to the radio as I ran all the many many errands that tend to fill my afternoons, a minor miracle happened.

One of my favorite Christmas songs is "I'll Be Home For Christmas." As much as I love it, however, it's a song that has always been mixed with sorrow for me. Which, really, makes sense. It's a wistful song. For me, listening to it has always made me long for the holidays of Yore, back in West Africa with my parents and all the family traditions and joy of that time of year. This has been true ever since I was in college. Even when I was swept up into my former in-laws' family and welcomed into their homes for the holidays (as well as other times, of course, but you know what I mean) long before I even became an official in-law, even when I was married and forming new traditions--I always longed for Christmas at Home.

I realize now that this is because I had not truly formed a new Home with The Ex, all those many years.

So normally that song would make me think of years long ago, in another time, another place. The other day, however, when I heard that song, I had a completely different response than I've ever had before. Instead of thinking of West Africa and holidays of decades past, my first thought was of my Home with MTL and our children. I pictured our living room with a Christmas tree in the corner, the children opening the presents we've gotten for them, and me snuggling on the couch with My True Love watching it all with joy and delight.

It's a new era for me. I truly have a Home, and it's Here and Now rather than There and Then. And that's where I'll be for Christmas.